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"Full" Version (GPS enabled)

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Quick Overview

Chai Air Times provides the missing information that your airline left out, viz., zemanim. However, unlike the online version, the "Pro" program calculates accurate zemanim based on real time information using your PC laptop or tablet. The "Pro" program also doesn't let you miss zemanim. You set alarms to wake you at the right time. Imagine gaining the luxury of sleeping without worrying to wake up in time to daven. LANDSAT maps duplicate what you see on the airplane screen. Follow course changes over the ocean using topo. maps that show ocean bathymetry. If you purchase a GPS accessory kit, then GPS enabled navigation allows you to follow your airplane to unheard accuracy that will allow you to even daven k'visikin on board the airplane. (Where GPS reception is poor, e.g., over the Arctic, the program will estimate your current position from the last GPS reading.) Modify the "flight plan" to improve the predictive capabilities of the alarms. Full pan and zoom features. Intuitive map controls. Maximize button fits the maps to your screen. Works on a Windows tablet or "Netbook" computer with a minimum screen resolution of 800 x 600. After you use this program during your next flight, we guarantee you will never travel again without it. In short, it is an absolute must for the Jewish air traveler. (See below for more details).

Chai Air Times "Pro" on Microsoft Surface Pro tablet running Windows 10

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  • Chai Air Times "Pro" on Microsoft Surface Pro tablet running Windows 10

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Product Description

Chai Air Times "Pro" (GPS enabled)
Don't be lost in the air...

1) Now follow the airplane path using...

---a) GPS assisted navigation for utmost accuracy and hands-free operation.
-----(requires a compatible GPS device accessory.) We recommend using the latest GlobalSat GPS dongle.
---b) Upload kml files from Flightaware.com for easy setup of flight paths, flight plans, and flight details
---c) LANDSAT maps that duplicate what you see in the airplane.
---d) Topographical and time zone maps that can be panned and magnified.
---e) Topographical maps are of higher resolution and show ocean bathymetry
------ (allowing you to follow course changes over the ocean)
----f) Uses a "flight plan" to improve the predictive power of the alarms..

2) Day and night terminator positions are more accurate.
---a) Follow the onset of sunrise and sunset.
---g) Even daven k'vasikin on board the airplane to a minute accuracy by watching
------when the day/night terminator intersects the precise position of airplane.

4) LANDSAT maps are marked with major world cities.

5)Full suite of intiutive map controls:
---a) Pan and zoom map controls for the topo and time zone maps..
---b) Panning for the LANDSAT maps.
---c) Maximize button to fit your computer's screen.
---d) Works with "Netbook" computers' screen resolution.

6) Some special features...
---a) Power saving mode
---b) Re wake your computer at designated times or zemanim alarms.
---c) No need for added batteries or plugs for your computer.
---d) Zemanei Hayom anywhere with the click of a mouse.
---e Print your own Chai Air Time Tables.
---f) More zemanim than the online version (incl. sof zemanei Mogen Avrohom and Plag Ha'mincha).
---g( NEW: print tables both in English and Hebrew which also show snapshot of the route
---h) Follow solar depression along your route.
---i) Determine when and how you cross the Date Line.
---j) Set an alarm for midnight (needed in some cases for fasts).
---k) Display solar altitudes graphically using the new HUD control.
---l) Powerful map features that make airplane zemanim a pleasure...
---m) Support for PCs set to the Hebrew Calendar.
---n) Shows zemanei hayom for your arrival place at the completion of your flight.
---o) Automatic checking for program updates.
---p) Automatically compensates for Daylight Saving Time for most countries.
---q Updates are free for the lifetime of the licensed user..

7) Estimate of best attainable accuracy: better than 1 minute.

1) Windows Operating System: XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10
2) Minimum Screen Resolution: 800 x 600
3) GPS navigation accessory kit requires a free USB port.

Accessories (see "Options" above) -(we stopped supplying this kit temporarily)
Please order from your favorite vendor the latest GlobalSat USB Dongle, a USB extension cable, and a
suction cup to hang from the airplane's window.

1) NMEA 083 v3 compatible USB GPS dongle, installation CD, and instructions
2) Full GPS Navigation Accessory Kit, includes:
--- a) NMEA 083 v3 compatible USB GPS dongle
--- b). Installation CD and instructions
--- c). USB extension (1 meter) to allow placement of the device near the window.
--- d). suction cup hanger to insure good reception throughout the flight.

Product Support Options
1. Limited product support (support is limited to installation consultation for one computer).
2. Full unlimited product support (any support you might need).

Instructions for using the GPS: Navigation Accessory Kit (see "Options" above)
1. Update your licensed Full version to the latest version.
2. Book a flight with an airline that allows the use of GPS devices.
3. Book a window seat.
4. Install your GPS device software.
5. (Recommended): Test your GPS device using the software included in the installation CD.
6. Set up the flight parameters from Step 1 through Step 3 before the flight and save that template.
6. As soon as your pilot allows, connect your GPS device to the USB extension as shown in the picture and plug it into a USB port on your computer.
7. Attach the GPS device close or on the window using the suction cup hanger.
8. Wait until the blue light flashes to indicate a successful coordinate fix.
9. Run the Chai Air Times "Pro" program and select the stored flight
10. Adjust the takeoff time to reflect the actual one.
11. Set alarms for important zemanim.
11. The Chai Air Times "Pro" program will work automatically from then on.

For full USB GPS product support, please click on ''Home'' and then click on the ''GPS Navigation Accessory Kit'' icon.

Until further notice, we are only able to sell the GPS accessory kit as a service to our customers in Eretz Yisroel. We advise our customers from other countries to purchase the latest GlobalSat USB dongle from their prefered local vendor.

Program Download
Use the link below to download the program (CD's are no longer sent due to unlimited update support via the web). Depending on your UAC settings, you might have to ignore automatic warnings prompting you to delete the installation program. Just answer "Keep anyways". In Windows 8-10 you might have to request "More Information", and then click "Run Anyways".

Additional Information

Free Shipping Free international parcel post shipping for program accessories